From Our Cast

Audition Notes

Tammy Thomas – “I feel blessed to have been chosen for this audition.  I’m nervous but I’m praying through it.  Hoping that I don’t forget the words to the song and that I don’t embarrass myself during the dance portion of the audition.”

Loretta Vinson –  “I was extremely nervous, but at the same time excited!” Then to be given a side and it’s “Mary” that I’m reading, I got a chill all over! I can only imagine how Mary felt when it actually happened to her! God has given you all, MOJOAA an Awesome vision and I am so happy that you all are allowing us to be a part of such a Wonderful message! I no I speak for the whole cast when I say, Thank You! Of course the dancing, your Mom must know that I can’t dance! :-)

Drina Dunlap – “I had such a great time at the audition…especially while learning the dance!”

India Pierce – Cold read…CHECK, awesome cast & production crew….CHECK, we are in business and I’m excited and looking forward to a wonderful rehearsal season with my cast for Can I Get A Witness?

Ebony Hazel – I was unsure if I would be cut out for an acting role but decided to step out of by box. Glad I did! My friend said I walked out of the room glowing! It was a very fun experience!



Understanding The Vision

Rehearsal Notes:

Tonight rehearsal went well. Got a chance to do some blocking and play with the script a bit which is always fun. I can tell that I’m going to enjoy this process always felt like the time spent in rehearsals night in and night out are the best times during a production process.  Also looking forward to all the performance aspects coming together meaning song, dance, and acting.  As cast members its important for us to understand the playwrights vision and bring the words in the script to life.

- Justin Peoples, Attorney Tyson “Ty” Smith

Character Development

Rehearsal Notes

It was enlightening to get each person’s viewpoint on their character; I started to see these biblical figures in a new light.  Taking time to delve deeper into my own character allowed me to gain some necessary insight that will hopefully help me embrace my role more fully.

I am learning there is depth to acting I didn’t know existed; what an introspective art!

- Ebony Hazel, Mary Magdalene

Read Through

Rehearsal Notes

“I was so excited to see everyone’s faces and hearing them speak the words.  It’s always an amazing feeling to hear a script brought to life and as a director it reaffirms that the right people were chosen. I hope that they enjoyed the read through because the fun is just beginning!”

- Monet Marshall, Director